Thursday, October 27, 2011

EarthDirectory's New Directory on Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

EarthDirectory's newest directory is on Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).  EMP is a phenomenon that scientists claim can knock out the power grid and most of the electronics in the USA.  According to certain scientists and experts, EMP can be caused by the detonation of a single nuclear weapon many miles over the United States, and it can also be caused by rare solar geomagnetic storms that are predicted to occur every 100 years or so (such a storm is apparently well overdue).  EarthDirectory's EMP Directory can be viewed at  I especially recommend checking out the video on the National Geographic link which is located a few links from the bottom of the directory (you might have to try this link a couple of times for it to load properly).  Also, for additional and more specific information on EMP, I recommend the EMPact AMERICA site which is just a few links above the National Geographic link in the directory.