Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mass Immigration will destroy the American Dream - Support Moderate Immigration Instead, Democrats for Reasonable and Responsible Immigration (DRRI), Part 7

The United States with under 5% of the world's population at approximately 315 million official residents is estimated to be using 25% to 30% of the world's resources.  Population projections and trends indicate that the U.S. population could go over 1 billion people by the beginning of the next century - within the lifetimes of many of today's American toddlers (See U. S. Census Population Projections[pdf] and the previous post of this blog).  This especially appears to be the case when you include the many millions of unofficial permanent residents who did their best not to be included in the latest census, which means that the real population of the USA is probably well over 320 million.

Clearly the math of the situation doesn't add up to a happy conclusion if the population of the USA rises to one billion:  1. There is no way that resources per person in the USA can stay up at the current high levels with an American population of anywhere near 1 billion people.  2. It is immoral on a planetary basis for the people of the USA to let their population total increase much further as long as Americans strive to have such a high percentage of world resource usage.

Please write your senators, representative and the President now and tell them to stop supporting mass immigration levels of a million or more permanent immigrants per year (see page 10 of 2011 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics[pdf]) and instead to support an average of no more than 2 to 5 hundred thousand new permanent immigrants per year, an amount that should allow us to keep the country's population under half a billion people by the beginning of 2100.  Despite recent reports on the media to the contrary, the population of the USA is continuing to increase at an alarming rate and there are powerful political interests working to increase yearly immigration levels and the population growth rate of the country.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

An Article about the Population of the USA Reaching 1 Billion, Democrats for Reasonable & Responsible Immigration, Part 6

I finally found an article that covers the fact that the population level of the USA is trending towards one billion people by the first part of the next century. The article was written in 2008 but is still just as relevant today as it was four years ago. You can see the article by clicking here: "Expert: US Population to Hit 1 Billion by 2100".

The article is the first article that I've seen about an academic willing to discuss the "politically incorrect" population figure of one billion, so my hat goes off to Arthur C. Nelson for having the guts to actually bring up the one billion population figure. You can see in the article how his colleague immediately starts trying to discredit the population projection of one billion because almost all academics don't want to discuss the direction that our population growth curve is taking us by the year 2100.  They're afraid to discuss the topic of mass immigration into the United States because saying anything against it would be politically incorrect on nearly all American college and university campuses.  

Unfortunately, the article didn't go into the possibility of actually lowering the U.S. immigration levels so that the U.S. population can be prevented from ever getting anywhere near one billion. A population of one billion people in the U.S. is not inevitable because we have the power to democratically lower the immigration levels of the U.S. by putting pressure on the Congress and the Executive Branch to lower the yearly number of permanent immigrants allowed into our country.

The population projections of the U.S. Census Bureau clearly show that we are trending towards the one billion figure, especially when you add in the several million (or more) people who did their best to not be included in the most recent census and thus are not included in the current official population figures. You can see the U.S.Census Bureau's projections here[pdf] and the current official U.S. population here. Incidentally, as I forewarned in my April 2nd post of this year, the Census Bureau has now apparently removed the above projections from its website and so I'm posting the projections on my network.

With the decimation of the environmentalist/conservationist faction of the Republican Party it's up to the Democratic Party with it's strong and vibrant environmentalist/conservation wing to fight for sustainable population levels in the U.S. and to develop policies and programs that will bring about those levels. Despite the anti-immigrant faction of the Republican Party, the more dominant wealthy, plutocratic faction of the Republican Party will continue to force the party to support mass immigration levels (over 1 million new permanent immigrants per year) in order to have an overabundance of workers in the country to always keep wage and salaries lower than they would be with a smaller number of workers. Conversely, Democrats understand the importance of avoiding the existence of an over-sized labor force that has no power to bid up its wages and salaries.

Most Americans from all the different economic levels and ethnic groups, when told that the U.S. population is heading towards over 1 billion people which is a number of people similar to the current population levels of China and India, will instinctively say "Oh, that's too many people!" Yet our national immigration policy supporting mass immigration does not correspond to this view. There is a definite disconnect between the opinion of the majority of the American people and the immigration policies of the United States government. Any environmentalist, ecologist or biologist worth his or her salt will tell you that a billion people in the U.S. is too many people if we want to keep a standard of living in 2100 that resembles the current American lifestyle.

You may be one of the individuals that thinks "Who cares how many people come to the U.S., there's plenty of space for more people!" I'll give you just two of the many reasons why you should be concerned about population growth in our country: 1. You've probably noticed how difficult it is for the U.S. to become energy independent with our current official population of over 314 million. Imagine how difficult it will be to become energy independent with another three to four times as many people in the country. 2. We already have severe water shortages in the Southwestern part of the U.S. - just imagine the water problems in the Southwest when it has a population of three to four times as many people as are currently living there.

It's critical that we adopt long-term policies supporting moderate immigration levels of a few hundred thousand people per year rather than our current mass immigration levels of over 1 million per year. If, after getting the "Pathway to Citizenship" people through the system, we can quickly establish immigration levels of a few hundred thousand permanent new immigrants per year, we should be able to keep the U.S. population well under 1/2 billion people by the year 2100.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Video of a Wind Storm in Montana

This video shows the winds of a windstorm that lasted more than 8 hours that I was in on July 26th that had winds of approximately 70 mph with some gusts reported of over 100 mph.  After the first hour the windstorm was no longer fun and got really irritating!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Environmental Directory of Egypt

I'm pleased to announce the newest directory in the EarthDirectory Network which covers the environment and conservation in Egypt.  It can be viewed at

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New Pakistan Environmental Directory

EarthDirectory's newest directory is an environmental directory of Pakistan.  Check it out at

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China Directory Updated and New Directory of Food Safety Organizations

EarthDirectory's China environmental directory has just been completely updated and you can see it at  Also, EarthDirectory's new directory of food safety organizations is now on the the Internet and can be viewed at

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Democrats for Reasonable & Responsible Immigration (DRRI), Part 5 - Some Interesting British Articles on Mass Immigration

Recently I came upon some interesting articles written by British guys covering some of the issues involved with mass immigration.  These articles are excellent for defining some of the major issues of mass immigration and why some people on both the left and right support mass immigration.

The first article is entitled How Did Opening Borders to Mass Immigration become a Left-wing Idea?" and is written by Ed West of The Telegraph.  The article discusses how mass immigration is viewed by the economic elite of society as beneficial, and why it's not beneficial for the working class.

The second article is now a classic on debunking the myths of mass immigration.  It was written in 2003 by Anthony Browne in OpenDemocracy.  The article is entitled The Folly of Mass Immigration.  While it's a great article for countering the arguments in favor of mass immigration, I wince at the sections where he implies that the U.S, Canada, Australia and New Zealand were basically empty before European settlement and are now still capable of absorbing mass immigration.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Democrats for Reasonable & Responsible Immigration (DRRI), Part 4 - Progressives: Stand Up for Moderate Immigration, Not Mass Immigration!

The United States can have a responsible and reasonable immigration policy of allowing hundreds of thousands of permanent immigrants into the country every year.  We just can't continue our current policy of allowing a combined total of well over a million permanent legal & permanent unauthorized immigrants into the country each year - that kind of yearly mass immigration will lead towards a U.S. population level that could surpass one billion people by sometime in the beginning decades of the next century -- that will be too many people for a country that consumes a very disproportionate amount of the world's resources.  Some of us already believe that the USA is well above a population level that is sustainable for the long-term future at the current American standard of living.

The Department of Homeland Security's most recent available statistics show 1,062,040 new legal permanent residents in 2011 and 694,193 new American Citizens in 2011.  See: DHS Immigration Statistics.  Nobody seems to know the precise number of net new yearly permanent unauthorized immigrants, but the Pew Hispanic Center estimated the total number of unauthorized immigrants in the USA at the beginning of 2011 to be 11.2 million.  See: PEW report.   

What would be a reasonable number to have as our official level of yearly permanent immigration?  According to the Population Reference Bureau's most recent estimate, for 2009, the USA had approximately 328,000 emmigrants (migrants leaving the USA).  See: PRB's figures.  That would be a reasonable number to start at for new yearly permanent immigrants to the USA.  At that level, the U.S. population will still increase due to our current demographic situation, but it might allow the country's population to be at a level near half a billion by the year 2100, rather than over 1 billion.  Environmental groups in the U.S. traditionally supported an immigration level of approximately 300,000 per year, before the honorable opposition (the mass immigration movement) made it politically incorrect for American environmental organizations to take a stand on U.S. immigration.

Editor's note (4/5/12):  The above "armchair" population projection includes allowing the people already in the immigration pipeline to become citizens at the current immigration rates and allowing the people in the "pathway to citizenship" to become citizens at the current immigration rates.  It's for the people not already in the pipeline that the immigration and permanent resident acceptance numbers would be greatly reduced.  Also, the national population increase rate is very fluid and can be decreased further, or even turned around altogether, by a combination of factors such as increased rates of emmigration from the USA, an even greater decrease in the American birthrate and, of course, a decrease in the number of immigrants and permanent residents accepted into the U.S.    

Monday, April 2, 2012

Democrats for Reasonable & Responsible Immigration (DRRI), Part 3 - Links to Government Tables Showing the USA Trending to Over 1 Billion People by 2100

Here are the deep links to the tables showing the United States trending towards over one billion people by 2100: and (it's the same data in two different types of files).  I recommend that you make copies of them (as far as I know it's perfectly OK to download them for your personal use) because the honorable opposition may try to get the Census Bureau to remove them now that the public is realizing that our own government has made these projections and that they're freely available for public viewing (Update October 20, 2012 - Sure enough, the projections have apparently been taken off the Census Bureau site so here is a link to one of my copies of the projections[pdf]).  The Census Bureau does not make it immediately clear on their homepage that this particular long-term projection data is available, and so far I haven't been able to find official yearly immigration and emmigration statistics on the Census Bureau site - those statistics are probably there but they sure are hard to find.  The Census Bureau should make links to national migration statistics and long-term national population projections clearly available on the Census Bureau homepage:

Shouldn't the Government be warning the American people about this alarming trend of a soaring population rate in the USA?  Isn't this a matter of the long-term sustainability and environmental security of the United States and isn't this also a matter of the long-term sustainability and environmental security of the entire world due to the voracious appetite of Americans for a huge percentage of the World's resources?

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Democrats for Reasonable & Responsible Immigration (DRRI), Part 2 - Population Projections

OK folks, here are the population projections from the U. S. Census Bureau.  The current population of the United States is estimated to be 313,279,753 at 3:41 pm Central Standard Time today, March 31, 2012.  If the USA were to have zero net international migration from 2000 to 2100 the total population would end up at roughly 378,000,000 in the year 2100, and if the USA were to follow the highest immigration projection rate, which we seem to be following (especially if you include some of the millions of unauthorized residents that probably did their best not to be officially counted in the census, and also see article from The New Republic), the population of the USA would reach roughly 1,182,000,000 by the year 2100.  Yup, that's one billion one hundred and eighty-two million residents in the USA by the year 2100.  Now you can see why we need to keep our net incoming international migration way down.  I have yet to meet an American who says that he or she wants the country's population to reach one billion any time in the foreseeable future.

To see the U. S. Census Bureau population projections for yourself go to:

To see the U. S. and World Population Clocks go to:

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Democrats for Reasonable & Responsible Immigration (DRRI), Part 1 - Opening Statement

I'm starting an unofficial organization named Democrats for Reasonable & Responsible Immigration  (DRRI).  I'm sick of various commentators stating that anyone that isn't for massive immigration into the United States is a white-supremacist nationalist.  I'm a progressive/liberal environmental editor who caucused for President Obama in 2008.  When I'm not working on my environmental publishing business you'll find me doing physical labor to make a living - painting, yard work, housecleaning, etc.  I favor universal single-payer health insurance for all Americans and favor universal civil rights and equal rights for everyone.  But I don't favor massive immigration into the USA.  It's my right to be against huge levels of immigration into my country without being considered a racist nationalist.  My home is in a university district and many of my friends are immigrants from all over the world who have become citizens in the last few decades and most of them agree with me.  It's my right to believe that my country has already, or nearly already, surpassed a sustainable level of population that would allow people in the USA to continue to live in the current American lifestyle and standard of living.

More comments later, but in the meantime check out EarthDirectory's directory on population, demography and immigration -

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New Blog Covering Earth Watching, Space & Geography

EarthDirectory's new blog, "EarthObserver.Net" will include some of the coolest views of Earth from space; interesting space topics such as near earth objects, weather in space and news about the International Space Station; and various items of interest involving the Earth's geography.  To see EarthObserver.Net click here.