Monday, April 2, 2012

Democrats for Reasonable & Responsible Immigration (DRRI), Part 3 - Links to Government Tables Showing the USA Trending to Over 1 Billion People by 2100

Here are the deep links to the tables showing the United States trending towards over one billion people by 2100: and (it's the same data in two different types of files).  I recommend that you make copies of them (as far as I know it's perfectly OK to download them for your personal use) because the honorable opposition may try to get the Census Bureau to remove them now that the public is realizing that our own government has made these projections and that they're freely available for public viewing (Update October 20, 2012 - Sure enough, the projections have apparently been taken off the Census Bureau site so here is a link to one of my copies of the projections[pdf]).  The Census Bureau does not make it immediately clear on their homepage that this particular long-term projection data is available, and so far I haven't been able to find official yearly immigration and emmigration statistics on the Census Bureau site - those statistics are probably there but they sure are hard to find.  The Census Bureau should make links to national migration statistics and long-term national population projections clearly available on the Census Bureau homepage:

Shouldn't the Government be warning the American people about this alarming trend of a soaring population rate in the USA?  Isn't this a matter of the long-term sustainability and environmental security of the United States and isn't this also a matter of the long-term sustainability and environmental security of the entire world due to the voracious appetite of Americans for a huge percentage of the World's resources?