Monday, November 11, 2013

Defeat Fracking in the Northeast Gateway Region to Yellowstone National Park

Shepherd Mountain in The Beartooth Front Range (Click on photo to enlarge it)
The greed of the frackers is insatiable.  Now they want to frack in the Red Lodge Montana region, a stunningly beautiful ranching and tourism area along the front range of the Beartooth Mountains.

The rolling prairie runs into the mountains at the town of Red Lodge with the tallest mountains of Montana dynamically rising in the distance, and when you take the very scenic ride on the Beartooth Highway from Red Lodge over the Beartooth Mountains, you end up at the Northeast Entrance of Yellowstone National Park!  Besides that, the region has some of the best trout streams in the world.  The Red Lodge area along with the rest of the Beartooth Front is a very special region and should be entirely off-limits to fracking.

To sign the petition and to donate to the campaign to defeat fracking along the Beartooth Front please click HERE.  And of course, contact all of the relevant politicians that you can think of and tell them "No to fracking on the Beartooth Front!"  Let's show all of the frackers around the world that there are some places where they just won't be allowed to frack.

Editor's Update 4/18/2014: See my latest blog post about fracking on the Beartooth Front HERE