Monday, May 5, 2014

U. S. Environmental Leaders that Support the Senate's Mass Immigration Bill Should Resign or Be Fired - DRRI Part 12

SOME QUESTIONS FOR AMERICAN ENVIRONMENTAL LEADERS:  How can you claim to be environmentalists and conservationists, supporters of habitat preservation, new wilderness areas, preserving farmland, conserving natural resources and stopping urban sprawl, and yet also support an immigration bill that definitely puts the USA's population on the trend line towards more than doubling, possibly tripling or even quadrupling in the next several decades or so?  How can you say that you support a sustainable USA while simultaneously supporting a bill that will massively increase the population of one of the most materialistically aggressive, resource-devouring nations in the world?    

The answer is that these environmental leaders are hypocrites trying to have the best of both worlds and trying to make everybody happy in order to increase membership in their organizations.  They want to come across as great environmentalists and conservationists while simultaneously putting out the standard politically correct message that millions of people are welcome to immigrate yearly to the USA - American environmental leaders certainly don't want to be accused of being "against people" by not supporting mass immigration!

SORRY, YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!  You environmental leaders that support the mass immigration bill are simply a bunch of glorified public relations people.  You can either be real environmentalists and conservationists or you can be lobbyists for the mass immigration bill, but you can't be both.  Why in heaven's name would you support a bill that launches the USA in the direction of having a population similar to that of India or China?  Are you crazy?  Please, do the decent thing and resign from your leadership positions in the Environmental Movement, or otherwise you should be fired.  IT'S DEFINITELY TIME FOR YOU TO GO!

John Brainard
Democrats for Reasonable and Responsible Immigration (DRRI)