Tuesday, November 4, 2014

U.S. Population Still Trending Towards Well Over 1/2 Billion People, Possibly Even One Billion People by the Year 2100 - DRRI Part 13

Even with the defeat of the Senate's mass immigration bill, the U.S. population is still dangerously trending towards well over one-half billion people and possibly over one billion people by 2100.  As you can see from the Census Bureau's Population Clock (U.S. and World Population Clock) the U.S. population is approaching an official population of 320 million people.  Now take a look at the U.S. Census Bureau's own population projection chart (pdf file or txt filewhich the Obama Administration is hiding deep within the U.S. Census Bureau's website - I can't even find it anymore in the Census Bureau website, but I luckily made my own copies quite a while ago.  You can see that the current U.S. population is between the "highest series" and  "middle series" projections.  And when you add in the very moderate estimate of another 10 million unknown and uncounted U.S. residents, this will put the real U.S. population at around 330 million which puts us right on the "highest series" trend line leading to well over 1 billion people by 2100.

Obviously the Obama Administration and the promoters of mass immigration know that when the American people see the real population projections, the majority of Americans will be horrified and will demand a stop to any further promotion of mass immigration into the U.S.  This is why the Administration and the mass immigration lobby never mention the population projections for their schemes to increase immigration.  They also never mention that there is no way they can guarantee that there will be enough resources to provide all of these millions of new citizens (along with the citizens already here) a good middle class all-American life.  They know that the truth will be unacceptable to the vast majority of the electorate.

Many sustainability experts, (such as Malcomb Potts and Alan Weisman) believe that the long-term sustainable population level of the U.S. is roughly around 150 million people, and yet the elite of both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are pushing for higher immigration levels that will push us to well over one-half billion people and possibly up to over a billion people by early in the next century. This is absolutely ridiculous when you consider that many scientists and other experts believe that the long-term sustainable human population for the entire Earth is roughly 1.5 to 2 billion people.

The promoters of mass immigration would like to at least double legal immigration levels to around 2 million people per year.  But what they really want are levels as high as 5 or even 10 million people per year which will easily push us towards one billion people in less than a century, within the lifetime of many of today's toddlers.

THE SOLUTION:  By decreasing our future yearly immigration to 500,000 people or less per year, we have a chance of peaking our population under 1/2 billion people and then reducing the U.S. population to a more sustainable level within the next several decades.  This can be achieved with a pathway to citizenship for the people already in the USA and it can be achieved with the unification of people living outside of the U.S. with their immediate families in the U.S.  Democrats for Reasonable and Responsible Immigration provides a plan to achieve this goal.  It's time for the second great immigration wave to the USA to come to an end.