Monday, March 11, 2013

Just as it Took Republicans to Open the Door to China, It Will take Democrats to End the Mass Immigration Juggernaut, DRRI Part 9

Today I was listening to Jeb Bush's speech of March 8th at the Reagan Library & Museum in which he  proposed to admit 1 million high-tech workers as permanent residents to the USA each year and this proposal alone would raise the annual  population increase of the USA to over 3 million total per year.  If you add in all the other proposals of the different interest groups trying to increase immigration of permanent residents via any new immigration law, we're then looking at an annual potential population increase of possibly 4 million or more per year in the USA.  This puts us on track to reach one billion people in the USA sometime around the beginning decades of the next century and almost certainly puts us well over 1/2 billion before the beginning of the next century.

It's time to get real and get a grasp on our mass immigration problem.  Republicans are not going to fix the problem, so it's up to Democrats and other progressives to take charge of the situation, especially ecologists, geographers and other scientists and environmentalists who know darn well that the USA is already probably past its long-term sustainable population, if we want to continue with something resembling the current American standard of living for the foreseeable future.  Just as Republicans were viewed as the more anti-communist party and thus had to be the party opening the door to communist China, the Democrats who are generally viewed as the party more supportive of mass immigration will have to be the party leading the way to ending mass immigration into the USA.

Assuming that some kind of "pathway to citizenship" is passed into law, it's important that after the "pathway" people and the people currently in the pipeline for permanent residency and citizenship are processed, we then adopt an immigration level with a yearly average of a few hundred thousand people per year.

Please write your congressperson, senators and the President and urge them to work towards a long-term goal of an annual immigration rate into the USA of an average of a few hundred thousand people per year in order to keep the population under half a billion by the year 2100.  This goal should be incorporated into any new immigration bill. 

Yes, the time frame that we're looking at here is the lifetime of many of today's toddlers!  We can either work towards a peak population of somewhere around 1/2 billion before the year 2100 or else we'll face the nightmare of a population possibly approaching 1 billion (and rising) around the year 2100.

Editor's update 4/11/2013:  See Democrats for Reasonable and Responsible Immigration for organized links to additional blog posts and for additional information.