Saturday, March 2, 2013

Punish the "Illegal Employers" Not the Struggling Undocumented & Unauthorized Immigrant Workers, DRRI Part 8

As the Congress crafts a new bill regarding immigration, it's very important that any new law include severe punishments for "illegal employers."  Leave the undocumented immigrant workers alone if they're otherwise law-abiding -- they've got enough problems already. By cracking down on the illegal employers and making a few showcase examples of some of the worst cases that may also include mistreatment of undocumented workers, the problem of undocumented and unauthorized immigrants in the United States can be greatly diminished.  Accurate verification & appeal procedures can be continually improved to protect employers trying not to break the law and to protect employment rights for authorized workers.

Illegal employers can no longer be accepted as respected members of society, but instead must be shown to the public as the criminals that they actually are.  Their actions are hurting the environmental security of the USA by promoting over-immigration and thus over-population that threatens the long-term sustainability of the USA. Their illegal actions also serve to make a mockery of the attempts of American workers to raise base wage levels to decent amounts that provide hope of a middle class life for all workers in the USA.

Once it's made abundantly clear to all American employers that illegal employers will be severely punished, mostly by very high fines, but occasionally with a few of them actually being sent to prison, the problem will be on its way towards being solved.  The undocumented workers will either leave the United States to find work elsewhere or will eventually become authorized workers within the USA.  Employers will know that hiring unauthorized workers is a crime that will no longer be tolerated and that they will be considered to be common criminals if they engage in illegal hiring practices.

There can no longer be a wink and a nod between politicians and illegal employers.  Please contact your U. S. Representative & Senators and the President and demand severe punishments for illegal employers in any new immigration bill.  

The promotion of mass immigration by many American employers trying to get both "low-skilled" and high skilled workers into the country represents a real over-population threat to the United States. If these employers are allowed to have their way along with the other proponents of mass immigration, the population of the USA could go over 1 billion people within the first decades of the next century, during the lifetimes of many of today's American toddlers.

It's important that Americans also urge Congress and the President to lower the yearly permanent immigration rate from over 1 million to a few hundred thousand people per year, after we get the "Pathway to Citizenship" people and other current citizenship applicants processed,  in order to keep the population level of the USA under half a billion people by the year 2100.